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Valentine's day specials - FebRuary 1 - 14, 2021

Let us help you make this Valentine's Day extra special for the ones you love! From beautiful jewelry, to FREE super cute huggie hoop earrings, lovely red roses, and even a date-night on us, we have you covered here at Falls. Check out our awesome Valentine's Day promos below:


Happy 2020! We know that sometimes even Santa doesn't get the Christmas gifts just right...and that's where we come in! Santa has his 'surplus' of gifts in the North Pole that he is sending down to Falls in order for help him clear the workshop. Falls Jewelers will be having a HUGE SALE of those items January 23rd - January 25th. Save up to 60% OFF select fine jewelry and watches!

Join us in-store Thursday, January 23rd through Saturday, January 25th to enjoy savings up to 60% off for THREE DAYS ONLY. Talk about "Blinging in the New Year!" Check out some of the awesome deals you won't want to miss:

- Select Citizen Eco-Drives and Falls Jewelers watches 30-50% off

- Up to 50% off select diamond engagement rings and semi-mount rings

- Up to 60% off select diamond colored stone fashion jewelry

Mark your calendars now! We look forward to seeing you as we set out to help Santa make some room in his workshop for 2020's new bling!

*In-store purchases only. Discounts apply to in-stock inventory only. Exludes repairs, custom-work, loose diamonds. All items must be paid for in full (no layaway) and returns will NOT be accepted. All sales are final. Ring sizing and adjustments subject to additional charges.
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Debunking 5 Myths about Engagement Rings - OCTOBER 7, 2019

Let’s face it, engagement ring shopping can be tough. Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to ring shopping: halo or no halo, white gold or yellow gold, — but wait, there’s also rose gold! — which center stone shape do I like?, how big should the center stone be?, straight band or curved band?, and the list goes on and on. 

The following are 5 myths about engagement rings that you may have heard if you are searching for that perfect ring. We’re going to prove to you that certain things you hear about engagement ring shopping online or from others are not always true!

Myth #1) The Surprise Factor

Does it have to be a surprise engagement ring AND proposal? Absolutely … not! We see many couples come in and find that perfect ring TOGETHER – and that’s just as romantic! In fact, we encourage couples to do that. Sure, some ladies love a good surprise — and let’s be real, who doesn’t? -- but you can still have that special element of surprise by conducting your engagement ring shopping this way:

Fellas, if it’s that time in your relationship to take it to the next level, grab your girl and treat her to a day-date. Take her to a nice lunch on a Saturday afternoon and stop by Falls afterward. We’ll walk you through the entire process and listen to what she likes best. When you come in, have your girl pick out not just one, but 2-3 different engagement styles she loves. That way, when the time is right, you can come back in by yourself and choose from the few styles she picked out when you both came in together. This does two things: you know you’re going to pick a ring she loves and has seen for herself in person, AND you are still able to provide the element of surprise with a beautiful engagement ring you know she’ll love!

Myth #2) Colorless is the Best / Bigger is Better

If you’re doing your engagement ring research, you’ve probably come across the 4 C’s at some point – that is, carat, color, clarity, and cut. Each of these things factors into the overall quality and price of a diamond. 






If you’ve heard that the color of a diamond corresponds to how bright a diamond is, then you’ve heard correctly. BUT, that isn’t the only criterion that contributes to a diamond’s brightness. Cut and clarity play a huge part in a diamond’s brightness too. If a stone has perfect—D—color but a poor cut and clarity, that puppy won’t shine so bright. On the flip side, if you take a stone with a bit lower color—let’s say J color—but an excellent cut and a high clarity, it will shine brighter than the former!

Another myth related to the 4 C’s is that bigger is always better. The bigger the carat size doesn’t always mean it’s a high-quality diamond. A 2.0 carat diamond with a low grade on its color, cut and clarity may have a leg up in size versus a 1.0 carat, but if the quality of the 1.0 carat is much better, then it will shine brighter and truly have the fire that makes a diamond sparkle, as opposed to the 2.0 carat stone.

The 4 C’s ALL play a role in a diamond’s visual appearance and overall brilliance, and while some may say that one ‘C’ is more important than the others, the truth is that it is completely up to the buyer. We’ve seen many clients care solely about size and want something in a large carat weight while not caring much about quality. And we’ve also seen many who would rather sacrifice size to have a higher quality diamond. Either way, we are happy to show our clients both ends of the spectrum and help decipher if they lean one way or the other, or settle somewhere in the middle!

For more info on the 4 C's, check out THE FOUR C'S OF DIAMONDS for a more in-depth look.

Myth #3) Save, Save, Save

Affording your dream ring does not require what some people say – “three months’ gross salary.” Stones come in all shapes and sizes, — and yep, that’s right – price ranges too. There is no set amount you have to spend on an engagement ring. And if you’re Google searching what the “average person spends on an engagement ring” … who cares?! To the guys reading this – truth is, chances are pretty good that your girl is going to LOVE any ring you put on her finger. But at the same time, if she has a specific shape, design, or qualities that she’s telling you she wants in her ring, then do your homework and listen to her! It’s our job as jewelers to assist you in making those dreams of hers become a reality.

Here at Falls, we offer same-as-cash financing with ZERO interest through Wells Fargo. Upon approval of completing a five-minute application, clients are able to finance up to 15 months on qualified purchases! So, don’t feel like you have months and months of saving up to do. Come find the perfect ring for your sweetheart TODAY with the comfort of knowing no-interest financing is available to you!

For more on our financing options, click HERE.

Myth #4) Round is King

Each diamond shape has a unique sparkle and geometric shape. Some may have more brilliance, while others may look bigger. When you think of a beautiful diamond on someone’s finger, which shape diamond comes to mind first? If you’re like most people, it’s round. And while it’s true that the round brilliant is and has always been the most popular shape, there’s quite a few others that are giving the round a run for its money.

Check out the 7 most common diamond shapes we see our clients choosing in 2019 and see which one reflects your personality the best!

1. ROUND: With its 58 facets, the round brilliant sets the standard for brilliance and beauty. It’s a classic and timeless look for the traditional and elegant lady.

2. OVAL: It’s true—ovals are HOT right now. For the modern and bold, oval diamonds have the beautiful curved edges of the round but, of course, are elongated and sit parallel on a lady’s finger, making the finger look longer and slenderer.

3. PRINCESS: In the shape of a square, this diamond is for the stylish and delicate. We’re seeing it as the third most popular choice right now. It gives off a more contemporary, feminine look.

4. CUSHION: Also known as the “pillow-cut,” this cut gives off the shape of your couch cushion: a squared-look with soft, rounded edges. It marries the round and princess shapes beautifully and gives off a dazzling, romantic appearance.

5. EMERALD: The step-cut diamond may lack brilliance but not luster. It’s the ultimate vintage-cut diamond that exudes an art-deco, sophisticated look. A clean, high-quality emerald-cut is breath-takingly beautiful.

6. MARQUISE: The football-shaped diamond is unique and showy. Its elongated beauty stems from the oval but has pointy ends. It appears as the largest of all shapes and looks great on shorter fingers.

7. PEAR: In the shape of a teardrop, the pear-cut is a combination of the round and marquise shapes. It’s a unique shape for the flirty, daring lady that has lots of pizzazz. 

MYTH #5) Online Diamond Buying

If you’re in the market for a diamond, you’ve probably done some research online about the diamond buying process or even just looked at what designs you (or your girl) like. If so, chances are pretty high that you’ve come across online diamond retailers such as James Allen or Blue Nile. These companies do their best to persuade consumers that you can save money on your diamond and avoid the hassle of going into a physical store and dealing with a pushy salesperson. While these two things may be true when dealing with some jewelry stores versus shopping for a diamond online, they are completely NOT true when you shop for a diamond here at Falls. Let me explain:

Firstly, if you do a search on Blue Nile for a 1.0 carat round diamond graded H -SI2 that is GIA certified, you may find 50 diamonds that are all the same on paper but range from $4,000-$6,000. If they are all graded the exact same, why is there such a wide range of prices? Well, the answer is that there are millions of diamonds throughout the world that look the exact same on paper, but no two diamonds are identical. Let’s look at a diamond’s clarity, for example. Clarity is all about how many inclusions are in a diamond, what those inclusions look like (are they dark?, are they white?, do they look like pepper flakes?, are they small?, are they large?, do they blend in with the stone’s facets?) and where they are located in the stone (are they right in the middle or are they pushed off to the sides?). The 50 stones you found in your search on Blue Nile says that all of the stones are SI2, but the truth is that each and every one of them differs in how many inclusions they have and where they are located in the stone—hence, your drastic price difference. The stone that is $4,000 is the cheapest option FOR A REASON. It may have a large, black inclusion toward the center of the stone hindering its brilliance or who knows what else. The bottom line is that it's impossible to purchase a diamond online without the chance to see it for yourself in person. But, yes, if you compare stones of equal size and quality, on paper, between the cheapest stone you find online and a stone we may have for you here at Falls, then the diamond online may, indeed, be less expensive. BUT, there is an underlying reason for it! 

Secondly, I completely understand the want to avoid a pushy salesperson, but that’s the exact opposite of what we are here at Falls. We take pride in walking our customers through the diamond buying process each step of the way. We don’t want to push anything on you, especially the purchase of an engagement ring. It’s a big moment in your life, so you should be happy and enjoy the process. We invite you to let the Falls family help you celebrate the moment, enjoy one of the most special times in your life, become educated about your purchase, and select the perfect diamond you’re sure to fall in love with!



SUMMER jewelry care - June 18, 2019

*2 min read*

Summer is here, and we are thrilled for warm weather and fun in the sun, so here are some great tips on keeping your jewelry in tip-top shape during the summer months!





This one is simple. Take your jewelry off before applying these types of products to prevent them from looking drab and colorless. We always want you to maintain the sparkle in your beloved gems!



The first reason of why you shouldn’t wear your jewelry in the pool or ocean is quite obvious; doing so clearly increases the chances of you losing your precious items. Additionally, constant exposure to chlorine and salt water can ruin the integrity of your jewelry. It wears away at your metal and has the potential to change the color of gemstones.



When you take your jewelry off, take a few seconds to wipe it off with a soft cloth, preferably a jewelry polishing cloth. This helps remove sweat, lotion, excess moisture, etc. Taking a moment to wipe off your jewelry items goes a long way. Plus, it’s ready to go the next time you want to enjoy it again.



Whether it’s a ziplock bag or a jewelry pouch, keeping your jewelry covered in a dry place will help prevent dirt, sand, sunscreen, and other unwanted substances from tainting or damaging your jewelry.
{Stop in anytime to receive a polishing cloth and small jewelry pouch free of charge! Items pictured below.}



Bringing your jewelry in for periodic check-ups can help ensure that you’re not at risk of losing things that are most precious to you -- we recommend every 6 months. We will professionally check and clean your jewelry items any time for free!